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    Far Cry 3 (Deluxe Edition)

    Uplay Action, Adventure WORLDWIDE Game 2012


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    The Deluxe Edition includes:

    - The Monkey Business Pack: Meet Hurk and his explosive bomb-carrying monkey in four heart-pounding missions and get two bonus ways to humiliate your friends in multiplayer.
    - The Lost Expeditions: Discover the secrets of the island’s lost World War II ruins in two suspenseful action missions, and unlock the power of a shotgun in a one-handed flare gun in multiplayer.
    - The Warrior Pack: Strike fear in your enemies with an exclusive dagger and get an early unlock of the tattoo editor in multiplayer.
    - The Predator Pack: Hunt four ferocious animals with the M-700 Predator Rifle in single-player and silently kill opponents with the unlocked Predator Bow in multiplayer.
    - The Survival Guide artbook (pdf file): Discover unique artwork and insider information to help you survive the insanity of the island.
    - The game soundtrack
    • Key Platform Uplay
    • Key Genre Action, Adventure
    • Key Region WORLDWIDE
    • Key Type Game
    • Key Release Year 2012

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