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Jungle Jackpot War Paint Case

Crate Unique Multi-Class
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Never bring an unpainted gun to a painted gunfight. Jungle Jackpot Collection Park Pigmented War Paint Sax Waxed War Paint Yeti Coated War Paint Macaw Masked War Paint Croc Dusted War Paint Piña Polished War Paint Anodized Aloha War Paint Bamboo Brushed War Paint Tiger Buffed War Paint Leopard Printed War Paint Mannana Peeled War Paint Case Global Unusual Effect(s)★ Unusual Effect: Hot★ Unusual Effect: Isotope★ Unusual Effect: Cool Case Global Bonus Item(s)Paint Cans!Taunt Unusualifiers!MvM Tickets!And TF2 Tools!Inspect for full list of unusual effects and more details
  • TF2 Type Crate
  • TF2 Quality Unique
  • TF2 Class Multi-Class

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