P2000 | Acid Etched (Field-Tested) -$0.37 -32%

P2000 | Acid Etched (Field-Tested)

Pistol P2000 Normal Restricted The Prisma 2 Collection Field-Tested
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Accurate and controllable, the German-made P2000 is a serviceable first-round pistol that works best against unarmored opponents. A randomized multicolored pattern with a rare four-leaf clover has been applied. Do you feel lucky?

Picture is for illustrative purposes only and represents general look of the skin. For example, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same pattern of the knife.

  • CSGO Type Pistol
  • CSGO Subtype P2000
  • CSGO Quality Normal
  • CSGO Rarity Restricted
  • CSGO Collection The Prisma 2 Collection
  • CSGO Exterior Field-Tested

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