2M Roubles + Wallet - EfT (Face to Face Trade) -$0.40 -5%

2M Roubles + Wallet - EfT (Face to Face Trade)

Face to Face


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We deliver this EfT item via Face to Face trade in the game:

  1. Please contact us via livechat after completing your order and confirm your character name and clarify on the delivery process.
  2. You will need to invite our character to a group and meet in the game (our character name will be confirmed via livechat).
  3. We will drop you the case/wallet with the currency you have bought.


Additional information:

  • Please make sure you have enough slots on your character to pick up items. Please advise with us via livechat if you have any questions regarding this point.
  • You can kill our character once you have picked the case.
  • Please allow up to 5-15 minute to prepare your order.
  • EfT Trade Face to Face

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