Scream Fortress X War Paint Case -$0.07 -26%

Scream Fortress X War Paint Case

Crate Unique Multi-Class
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Paint your master piece with one of these community-made War Paints. Scream Fortress X Collection Electroshocked War Paint Tumor Toasted War Paint Ghost Town War Paint Skull Study War Paint Spectral Shimmered War Paint Calavera Canvas War Paint Spirit of Halloween War Paint Horror Holiday War Paint Totally Boned War Paint Haunted Ghosts War Paint Case Global Unusual Effect(s)★ Unusual Effect: Hot★ Unusual Effect: Isotope★ Unusual Effect: Cool Case Global Bonus Item(s)Paint Cans!Taunt Unusualifiers!MvM Tickets!And TF2 Tools!Inspect for full list of unusual effects and more details
  • TF2 Type Crate
  • TF2 Quality Unique
  • TF2 Class Multi-Class

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