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AK-47 | The Empress Field-Tested

-$29.70 -43%
Rifle AK-47 Normal Covert The Spectrum 2 Collection Field-Tested
$39.37 $69.07
Market price: $69.07

AWP | Atheris Field-Tested

-$1.82 -37%
Sniper Rifle AWP Normal Restricted The Prisma Collection Field-Tested
$3.10 $4.92
Market price: $4.92

Glock-18 | High Beam Factory New

-$0.23 -35%
Pistol Glock-18 Normal Industrial Grade The 2018 Inferno Collection Factory New
$0.43 $0.66
Market price: $0.66

Spectrum Case

-$0.26 -36%
Container Normal Base Grade The Spectrum Collection
$0.48 $0.74
Market price: $0.74

Dragonclaw Hook

-$66.02 -34%
Wearable Standard Weapon Pudge Immortal
$134.03 $200.05
Market price: $200.05

Inscribed Demon Eater

-$8.95 -31%
Wearable Inscribed Head Shadow Fiend Arcana
$20.87 $29.82
Market price: $29.82

Manifold Paradox

-$11.53 -30%
Wearable Standard Weapon Phantom Assassin Arcana
$26.92 $38.45
Market price: $38.45

Shadow Masquerade

-$0.21 -23%
Wearable Standard Shoulder Riki Immortal
$0.73 $0.94
Market price: $0.94

Blackout LR

-$1.04 -24%
Weapon LR-300 Assault Rifle
$3.30 $4.34
Market price: $4.34

Blackout Chestplate

-$0.71 -24%
Armor Metal Torso Plate
$2.25 $2.96
Market price: $2.96

Gun Box

-$0.19 -26%
Misc Large Wooden Box
$0.55 $0.74
Market price: $0.74

5x Mann Co. Supply Crate Key Bulk Product

-$1.51 -13%
Tool Tool Unique
$10.49 $12.00
Market price: $12.00

10x Mann Co. Supply Crate Key Bulk Product

-$3.81 -16%
$20.19 $24.00
Market price: $24.00

25x Mann Co. Supply Crate Key Bulk Product

-$10.01 -17%
$49.99 $60.00
Market price: $60.00

50x Mann Co. Supply Crate Key Bulk Product

-$21.00 -18%
$99.00 $120.00
Market price: $120.00

Twin Galaxies Hoodie Black

-$17.66 -32%
Chest Standard Chest Standard Promo
$39.30 $56.96
Market price: $56.96

Rainbowier Unicorn Mask

-$5.24 -30%
Head Ultra-Rare Helmet Ultra-Rare Apocalypse Crate
$12.24 $17.48
Market price: $17.48

inboxes AR-15

-$0.34 -22%
Gun Ultra-Rare AR-15 Ultra-Rare 2017 Invitational Crate
$1.22 $1.56
Market price: $1.56

Candy Cane Leggings

-$0.70 -29%
Legs Rare Legs Rare Sleighload Crate
$1.79 $2.49
Market price: $2.49
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