Our Level Up XPerience is designed specially for gamers. No matter what game you play you can earn XP, level up, receive awesome rewards, and even respawn!
After a very simple registration you can start earning your XP right away. XP is granted for almost every product we sell (subject to some exclusions due to promotions and low-margin products).
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How it works

Earn your first XP

Easy. Complete any purchase and receive your XP instantly. You can see the exact XP each product will grant you on the product page and in our checkout you can see the exact XP your order will grant you. Please note that some payment methods will grant you extra XP.

Level Up to your first
level - Fragger

Your first level may not be an awe inspiring one but at least it is better to be a fragger than to be fragged. We made our Level Up XPerience so that it is very easy to reach your first level. And in almost no time you can level up to your second level Guardian with more serious rewards!

Enjoy your first

Each and every XP you earn is a reward that you can spend in checkout (and get instant cashback). When you reach your first level you will be rewarded with an XP earning multiplier and a reward case with a mystery prize inside. You can try our demos to see what you can get when you open the case!  

best perks

  • You do not lose your level/rank when you spend your XP (unlike in video-games!)
  • You can collect all reward cases when you progress through the levels!
  • Every month we respawn you at level 0 so you can go and level up and collect your rewards (including cases) again!


3000 - 9999 XP
Points Multiplier:x1 up to 1% cashback
Fragger Free Gift


10.000 - 29.999 XP
Points Multiplier:x1.5 up to 2% cashback
Guardian Free Gift


30.000 - 149.999 XP
Points Multiplier:x2 up to 3% cashback
Master Free Gift


150.000 - 499.999 XP
Points Multiplier:x2.5 up to 4% cashback
Legend Free Gift


500.000 + XP
Points Multiplier:x3 up to 5% cashback
Elite Free Gift

XP earning rates per level

Earning Rate
Levels & Earning Rate
1XP per 1 cent USD* spent
1.5XP per 1 cent USD* spent
2XP per 1 cent USD* spent
2.5XP per 1 cent USD* spent
3XP per 1 cent USD* spent

*Automatically converted in your shop currency with daily exchange rates

XP spending rates

100 XP converts to 1 cent USD* (regardless of level)

*Automatically converted in your shop currency with daily exchange rates

More info on Level Up XPerience

  • Where I can see my current level and XP?

    Your current XP isavailable in the top bar. You can find your level and regards on your personal XP page here>>> (you need to be logged/registered on in order to see it)
  • How does multipliers work?

    Once you have progressed to the next level you will be accumulating XP at improved rate (up to 5x!). E.g. On level Fragger when you purchase Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel (BS) you would get 13.328 XP, but on level Global Elite you would get a whooping 66.640 XP!
  • Why can I not earn XP on certain products or product categories?

    For some promotional and very low-margin products XP is unavailable as we want to be able to offer you such products. Please see product pages for how much XP you can get with your current level.
  • I am on level Global Elite but on product page I see 1x multiplier only?

    Most likely you are not logged on. You need to login in order for your multiplier to be activated and applied.
  • Why did I get 0 XP or less XP than suggested by the order amount?

    It is possible if you have used XP or a discount voucher at checkout. For amounts covered by XP/discount there is no XP added. It is also possible that you have ordered products that do not grant XP. Always check product page if in doubt.
  • What if my XP is not applied correctly or reward not granted?

    Please contact us via livechat so we can double check it for you and resolve it in the best way.
Happy leveling
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