Troubleshooting Guide for Phone Payments


My country is not available?

Unfortunately there are a few countries that are unavailable such as USA (and few others) please try to use other payment method in this case.

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The phone number stated in the payment instructions does not work?

The featured premium number may not be supported by your particular phone company. In some cases choosing a different credit amount may also work.

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I made a successful SMS / call but no money is charged to my phone?

It may take a few minutes for a payment to go through. If nothing has happened within 10 minutes, please try again.

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I made a successful payment but received no credits on my GamerAll account?

Please contact our live chat and provide the following information on your transaction:

We need your email address, country, phone number, amount paid, time of transaction, and the received code.

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I have further questions regarding my phone payment?

In case other questions above did not answer your question, you may also try to contact Hipay to resolve your issue. You can do it here>>>

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