AWP | Containment Breach (Field-Tested) -$13.16 -14%

AWP | Containment Breach (Field-Tested)

Sniper Rifle AWP Normal Covert The Shattered Web Collection Field-Tested
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High risk and high reward, the infamous AWP is recognizable by its signature report and one-shot, one-kill policy. It has been custom painted to depict mutated rats trying to escape a radioactive, neon green forest. Who knows what radioactive diseases they carry…

Picture is for illustrative purposes only and represents general look of the skin. For example, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same pattern of the knife.

  • CSGO Type Sniper Rifle
  • CSGO Subtype AWP
  • CSGO Quality Normal
  • CSGO Rarity Covert
  • CSGO Collection The Shattered Web Collection
  • CSGO Exterior Field-Tested

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