How and where I can get a voucher?

We value our customers highly and this shows in everything we do from customer service to promotions and loyalty program. For us a customer is not just a transaction. A customer is a partner with whom we aim to establish a lasting relationship defined by mutual satisfaction. 

To ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers we offer a variety of vouchers granting discounts, cash bonuses and free stuff. There are a few different ways to obtain a voucher.

Place Orders

To enroll in our XP program all you have to do is register a user account here at and start placing orders. When you spend money with us you automatically accumulate XP points. The more you spend, the more loyalty points you get. Your loyalty points can be redeemed into discount vouchers that can be applied to any order you place. More info is available here.

Register A User

We hand out discounts and special bonuses via newsletters and other promotional emails. All you have to do is register a user on in the appropriate shop and our emails will start showing up in your inbox on a weekly basis. Make sure to add * to your list of approved senders.

Visit Us Frequently

From time to time we run promotions open to every site visitor. These promotions range from freebies to discounts. They will be clearly communicated right here on this page as well as in the stores in which they apply. Make sure to visit us regularly so you don't miss out!

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